Many questions are addressed here. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of the staff. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday – 4AM to 11PM
Saturday and Sunday 5AM to 6PM

Access is managed by Rhinofit Door Access Control at the front door. Log into your account at Rhinofit and scan the bar code on your device at the front door scanner.


All gym rules are enforced to preserve the quality of the JB Fitness gym. 

Notice: Failure to comply with the following rules may result in membership termination. Use of facilities and equipment is at your own risk Gym equipment should ONLY be used for its intended purpose, Anyone found damaging gym property will be subject to disciplinary action and will be held financially responsible. Each gym member MUST enter via their own key fob; do not allow anyone else inside upon entering the gym. Please be mindful of your surroundings and other members. Personal training clients have priority on gym equipment during scheduled sessions. Proper gym shoes must be worn at all times. NO chalk. No drinks or liquids on the turf.NO touching, leaning, hand standing, wall sitting, wall balling, etc. on gym doors, roll up doors, textured walls, wood trimmed borders, mirrors, and window shades. NO standing or stepping on gym equipment upholstery. NO dropping or slamming of weights.

Please properly sanitize all equipment and mats after use:
*Use gym provided cleaner ONLY
*Do NOT spray cleaner directly onto gym equipment, please apply to paper towel & then wipe down
Please immediately clean up all spills or messes and report to management
Please re-rack weights and return all equipment to where it belongs upon the completion of your workout .
Management reserves the right to terminate any person’s membership at any time, for any reason.

30-day cancellation notice required. We do not offer childcare. No refunds on any services purchased.

Day Passes are available directly at the facility. They are valid from the time the pass is purchased until the facility closes the same day. 

Please schedule a time to use the recovery room via text, in person at the front desk, or by telephone.

You are able to reschedule a session in advance if at least a 24-hour notice is given. ***The make-up session must be booked within the same month as the original session. It cannot be carried into the next month. If your schedule does not allow a session to be made up in the same month, it will be a forfeited session. 

-No refunds or credits will be given for unused sessions. All packages are month to month, and therefore, will expire the last day of each month. 

-Make-up sessions are subject to availability, and one-on-one clients may be with one or more other clients in order to accommodate you. 

-If you arrive late for your scheduled time, no time will be carried over into the session after yours on that day. 

-It is your responsibility to use your sessions in a given month when 3 weeks or more is available for you to train. 

-At least 7 days written notice is required, prior to the 1st of the month, to freeze or cancel your account. Failure to provide proper notice will result in full charge of services for the upcoming month. No refunds. 

*Note: When freezing your account, your return is subject to availability. 

-At least 7 days written (emailed) notice is required, prior to the 1st of the month, to downgrade your training membership type.

This is an exclusive. private gym, with many amenities and top-of-the-line equipment.

Periodically we MAY offer discounts. 

We offer very high quality equipment for the members. This includes;

Panatta, Atlantis, Hammer Strength, Raw, Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix , Rogers Pendulum, Max Pump, Nautilus, Freemotion, Gymleco, Rogue, Intek Dumbbells


All members must be 18 years old. 

Supplement shop, Sauna , Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge , Punching bag, Functional Training Area with 40 feet of turf, Art Murals , Custom Lighting