Jason Beard

A Fitness Journey

My name is Jason Beard. I was introduced to working out at the age of 13 years old. I fell in love with bodybuilding fast and knew it would soon be a lifelong passion of mine and could not imagine doing anything else. Bodybuilding not only became a passion but taught me the self-discipline to develop my mind and body. I am a men’s physique competitor having competed in 3 national-level shows, a fitness trainer, and a nutritionist for 15 years. Using my knowledge and expertise, I have helped my clients reach and even exceed their fitness goals. All my life I have wanted to evolve and become more than just a trainer. I wanted to build my dream gym not just for myself but for my community.

Jason can be reached at jasonbeard17@icloud.com or on Instagram

Nathan Ramirez

Transformation Coach

My name is Nathan Ramirez. I am a transformation coach from Fresno, CA who specializes in taking my clients to the next level with their Health / Fitness . Whether it be a Lifestyle Transformation or Competition Prep I’m here to bring the best out of every individual I come in contact with.
Pushing them past the current limitations both physically and mentally.

I’ve worked with over 100+ clients to help assist them in their journeys In-Person and online.
If you’re serious about improving and reaching your performance and lifestyle goals just as they were…
We start by setting the blueprint, together.

Nathan can be reached at his website: situationfitness.com

Alicia Fotis

Personal Trainer

My name is Alicia Fotis and I am a Personal Trainer and Online Coach. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and have been helping men and women achieve their health & fitness goals since 2018. My clients include beginners in the fitness world, athletes looking to improve their skills & performance, and busy people who want to transform their mind & physique. Outside of JB Fitness, I teach bootcamp and am likely in nature with my dogs. My husband and I are both competitive bodybuilders, which has positively transformed my life in countless ways.

Alicia can be reached by email: aliciafotis@gmail.com or by Instagram: @mrs.fotis.fit.