Training with Jason
Training with Jason
Training with Jason

Jason offers a variety of enhanced training options. 

  1. Personal Training 
  2. Group Training
  3. Meal Planning
  4. Fit3d body scan
Personal Training 60 Minutes 70.00 per session– Free consultations! One-on-one training –  Includes- personal training, meal plan, fit3d scanner once a month, workout routines on days not with trainer. (only with the purchase of 8 or more sessions)

Personal Training 30 Minutes 50.00 per session– Free consultations! One-on-one training .  Includes- personal training, meal plan, fit3d scanner once a month, workout routines on days not with a trainer. (only with purchased 8 or more sessions)

Group Training – Purchased with a Membership. 2-9 Persons per session.

Focused on building/sculpting muscle for a leaner, stronger, body. Body parts are split up and worked 1-2 times a week. Class prices include a fit3d body scan once a month to keep track of progress and results.

Monday-legs (quad focus)
Thursday-legs (glute/ham focus)
Friday- back /shoulders 
(this split can be modified by client if needed to meet goals)

Training is available. Please contact Jason for more information or check the schedule within your Rhinofit account.

Meal Planning – Initial consultation includes meal plan, workout plan, discussing goals with the client, supplement guidance, and fit3d body scan. Initial appointment takes about 1 hour or longer to build a plan for clients goals. All consultations -200.00 per month.

Fit3d Body Scan – Fit3D is a great test to accurately measure the body circumference and helps you and your provider to monitor progress as you obtain your desire weight range. Pricing is 40.00 per session. 

Please use the form below to setup a consultation with Jason for the items above. 

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